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I’m struggling to find the words to say on how amazing Chloe was - the amount I learnt from one session was incredible, she was so informative and you could tell from the way she spoke she knew what she was talking about. Seeing improvement just from one session has given me hope that my dog isn’t stuck in her old ways and we can improve with persistence and the right training Thankyou so much Chloe - you are a blessing

- Serena & Skylar

Skylar 18-11-21.jpg

Thank you for showing us you can teach an old(er) dog (& their owners ) new tricks

Highly recommend your services

In such a short period of time, our girl is living her best life

- Maadi Little


Met Chloe today for help training my puppy TinyDog Max. Everything she said made so much sense. Friendly, helpful, and super patient with my interrupting kids I think she has given us the tools for us and Max to have a long happy life together. Max was surprisingly responsive so I think the hardest part of this is going to be training Max's humans to do it right! The 1.5hrs went so fast, it was a very productive time. Fully recommend Chloe and her insight.

- Holly & Max



If anyone in Kalgoorlie wants to become a better dog owner with happier pooches, go to Chloe at time for walkies. We have learned so much. So many things that we never even would have thought of. We have now learned how to communicate with maverick, how to identify what he’s telling us and what WE need to do to help him become comfortable. She is worth her weight in gold. We were fortunate enough to have won our session with her but she is extremely reasonably priced and so thorough. In two hours, our minds have been blown with information and we’ve seen it WORK in front of us. Thank you so much Chloe.

- Ebony


Great first session with Chloe and a rescue dog I recently adopted, many questions answered, a lot more clarity on some behaviours, and exercises to practice to get the humans and the dog more comfortable in every day life and when out and about. So happy to have found "Time for Walkies"

- Stephanie Carpenter

Juno and I had our first session with Chloe and I couldn’t praise her high enough.

She showed me so much about me and my dog, and felt positive about our training and future lessons and adventures.

- Melody & Juno 


Chloe is a true dog whisperer. I knew my girl was an anxious dog but had no idea how to manage it or help her to relax. After one session with Chloe we managed to have a puppy play date at our house and my girl now sleeps soundly on her bean bag when she used to pace the house most of night "protecting" us.

Thanks Chloe & G for helping Emma be a happy pupper again

- Lotti & Emma


I’ve utilised a dog trainer in the past but I just left the session feeling deflated and confused. I never wanted to go back and I didn’t. The moment I met Chloe I felt at ease and comfortable, and by the end of my session I couldn’t wait to put “my training” into use and enjoy the process with my beautiful boy and how much happier our relationship would be. Being taught how to read his behaviour instead of just controlling him in an overbearing way has given me so much more confidence that I can still give him the love he deserves, without rewarding what is actually naughty behaviour. Key learning for me. Cannot recommend any higher

- Tanya

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